Learn more about the latest news on focal molography with the following puplished papers in the field.

Quantitative Diffractometric Biosensing

Blickenstorfer, Y. et al. Phys. Rev. Applied 15, 034023 (2021)

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The Concept of a Spatial Affinity Lock-in Amplifier

Frutiger, A., Fattinger, C. & Vörös, J. Sensors 21, (2021)

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Focal Molography – an optical method for label-free detection of biomolecular interactions

Fattinger, C. & Frutiger, A. Progress in Physics 62, 20–24 (10.2020)

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Principles for Sensitive and Robust Biomolecular Interaction Analysis

Frutiger, A. et al. Phys. Rev. Applied 11, 014056 – Published 28 January 2019

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Focal molography is a new method for the in situ analysis of molecular interactions in biological samples

Gatterdam, V., Frutiger, A., Stengele, K. et al. Nature Nanotech 12, 1089–1095 (2017).

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Coherent Signal Picks Out Biomolecular Interactions

Gerd Binnig, Physics 7, 84 (2014)

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