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Heterogeneous vs. Homogeneous Assays

What are the similarities between these assays and how do they differ? When should one favor one over the other? Discover more about practical examples of heterogeneous and homogeneous assays.

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Glucosemeter and User

Practical Examples of Biosensors

What is a biosensor used for? Read more about following two practical examples of label biosensors: the pregnancy test and the glucose meter.

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What is a Biosensor?

What is a Biosensor? Read more about the Definition of a Biosensor, Basic Elements and the Classification between Label vs. Label-Free Biosensors.

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The Concept of a Spatial Affinity Lock-in Amplifier

Frutiger, A., Fattinger, C. & Vörös, J. Sensors 21, (2021)

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