Universal Chip Architecture

Sensor Chip

Our universal chip architecture can tackle various applications addressing major pain points in novel cell and gene therapy. Know-how of 10 years is embedded in chip coating & ability to structure active lines to serve as molecular lens on chip surface. 


One Chip Design.
Endless Opportunities

Orthogonal nature of the DNA directed immobilization in combination with the provided single- or six channel flow chambers allows for various subset combinations of Lin’s MoloChips.

Biological functionalization of a MoloChip can be easily achieved by DNA-directed immobilization with a set of well characterized DNA sequences.

1x Molochip -

1 capture single stranded DNA (ssDNA) sequence* fabricated by dip-coating or flow chamber modification - Launch 2022

6x Molochip -

6 orthogonal capture ssDNA sequences fabricated by flow chamber modification or micro spotting - Launch 2023

54x Molochip -

54 orthogonal capture ssDNA sequences fabricated by micro spotting - Launch 2024