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Streptavidin Sensor Chips

Measure directly in complex samples with our backfilled Streptavidin Sensor Chips.

lino Biotech sensor chip

Streptavidin Sensor Chips

lino Biotech´s Streptavidin Sensor Chips are perfect for immobilizing biotinylated ligands (e.g. proteins, antibodies, and more). The combination of high affinity and binding capacity gives excellent performance in a broad range of applications and allows you to measure directly in complex samples.

  • Flexible measurements
  • Backfilled chips
  • Obtain data in minutes
  • Cost-effective

Biological molecules, including proteins and nucleic acids, can be biotinylated using established protocols and immobilized onto the Streptavidin biosensor surface for custom assay development. There are many biotinylated biomolecules commercially available.


Why lino´s Streptavidin Sensor Chips?

The same functions and measurements that are possible in classical refractometric sensors; but thanks to our backfilled chips, measurements in real complex biological media are no longer a hassle. This enables a vast range of different assays: fast, flexible and automated!

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