We Incorporate Multiple Years Of Experience In Building Life Sciences Companies And Researching Biosensors.

lino's Founder Team

After several years of research in the focal molography field and development of an own biosensor platform, lino Biotech AG 2020 was founded.

With the support of Hoffman-La Roche AG, we are bringing the benefits of focal molography to the drug discovery market.

The team behind lino Biotech
Dr. Mirko Stange Picture

Dr. Mirko Stange

Born in Bremen, Germany in 1974, Dr. Mirko Stange is founder of several diagnostics and research tool startups. He is driven by the goal to support the development and successful commercialization of life science innovations and has extensive management experience in taking companies from start to success exit.

Following completing his Ph.D. in Biochemistry & Biophysics at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Dr. Stange began his career in 2004 at the strategy consultancy McKinsey and subsequently worked with the turn-around specialist Droege & Comp., serving mainly clients from the pharma and chemistry industry in Germany and Switzerland. In 2008 he founded an independent Life Sciences consultancy in Germany where, to date, a team of international experts identify, fund and build innovative business opportunities. To date, three co-founded companies were successfully exited. Dr. Stange is also named investor on several granted and pending patents. Since starting his career in the life science startup world 15 years ago, he has always hoped for an opportunity such as lino to take a truly world breaking innovation from the R&D lab to market and work together with dedicated teammates, renowned industry partners and world-class industry veterans as advisory.

Dr. Volker Gatterdam

Dr. Volker Gatterdam studied chemistry in the beautiful city of Marburg in Germany. He holds a doctoral degree with summa cum laude in biochemistry from the University of Frankfurt, where he laid a solid foundation for his scientific interests. His work is focused on the chemical modifications of surfaces for the design and fabrication of biosensors. His interest in the fascinating technology of focal Molography started during his Postdoc in Prof. Janos Vörös´group at ETH Zurich. His continuous passion for the technology led him to be one of the co-founders of lino Biotech. Dr. Gatterdam´s combined focal Molography and business know how strengthens lino´s project and quality management. He is currently focussed on expanding our business network in his role as VP Commercial.

Dr. Volker Gatterdam
Dr. Andreas Frutiger

Dr. Andreas Frutiger

Dr. Frutiger has always been fascinated by the complexity of nature and driven to expand his scientific knowledge. With two masters in Material Science and Biomedical Engineering as well as a PhD in focal molography, he bridges scientific disciplines with his interdisciplinary background. Andreas Frutiger coordinates and leads lino´s internal R&D efforts to innovate disruptive biosensing products. With his key technical knowledge underlying our technology and the drive of all our team, Dr. Frutiger aims to advance biosensing in ways that are considered impossible today.

Dr. Tilman Hoss

Mr. Hoss holds a PhD in Physics from the University of Basel and an Executive MBA from IMD in Lausanne. He is an expert in product innovation and has successfully developed and launched new products in various industries. This includes products in the field of Lab Automation, Semiconductor Devices and Manufacturing Equipment or Optical Storage Media which generate well over $100 million in revenue over their product lifetimes.
With robust project management and the development of engineering and supplier networks, Mr. Hoss will help Lino Biotech’s innovations enter the market.

Dr. Tilman Hoss