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lino Biotech is the world´s only provider of Focal Molography – an entirely new method for measuring molecular interactions in living cells or crude biological samples. The broadly patented technology offers label-free detection assays while eliminating signal disturbances due to temperature changes or non-specific binding. lino Biotech was incorporated in Zürich, Switzerland, in March 2020 with the aim to make cell therapies more cost effective and accessible for a broader patient population by offering new quality control method that every cell therapy manufacturer can use to improve their production and development process.


Focal Molography is a label-free interaction technology able to characterize a plurality of important interactions.


Due to its nano-sized, self-referencing principle Focal Molography offers a unique signal stability regarding environmental influences.


Due to its fast read-outs and simple use, it can be easily automated, which enables increased throughput and minimal hands-on time.


Due to its label-free nature, focal molography is well suited for multiplexed assays, minimizing cross-talk between reagents.


No pre-equilibration with buffer or temperature stabilizations of the sensor is required for the measurement. This allows for an immediate start of the measurement.


By its physical nature, focal molography is compatible with complex media and cell-based assays allowing a new data dimension for scientists.

Our Solution

lino´s biosensors and readers enable much faster and more accurate characterization of cell therapy products while at the same time helping the manufactures to substantially reduce production cost. Speeding up product QC, lowering production cost and improving safety of cell and gene therapies.

  • No sample purification
  • Simple assay design
  • Faster results
  • Offering novel QC options

Focal Molography

In short, focal molography is a nanotechnology-based method that cleverly combines photolithography, molecular self-assembly and state-of-the-art optical technology. It is a truly interdisciplinary technology, inspired by physics, tailored for biology and implemented for biomolecular interaction analysis.

Latest news on Focal Molography

We’ve been researching focal molography for over 10 years and have an extensive track record of published papers in the field, discover more about focal molography and related topics in our latest blog articles.

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