Fast at-line determination of product quality and biological relevant status information on process parameters
Drug Screening
Real-time and label-free characterization of drug candidates in living cells.
Simple and robust quantification of biomarkers for health applications.

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Purpose of the Assay

Developing and manufacturing biopharmaceuticals, in particular therapeutic proteins, is a difficult and non-straightforward process. It starts with the research for a therapeutic protein (e.g a monoclonal antibody, mAB) that binds to the desired target and the identification of the gene sequence that encodes for this protein. Once this completed a suitable cell line for manufacturing must be identified. Both steps can be a challenging and lengthy process. The Affinity Ranking Assay developed by lino Biotech aims to facilitate this process, both in the binder screening (step 1) and in the cell line selection (step 2).

lino Biotech´s Products - Various Applications


The Glycan Analysis Array to be developed by lino Biotech aims to identify and quantify glycosylated proteins such as mABs in biopharmaceutical manufacturing.

Process of the Assay
Glycosylation is the attachment of glycans to a functional group in proteins and is crucial for protein folding, stability, and adhesion between cells. In biopharmaceuticals, protein glycosylation is essential for proper function in that it greatly affects pharmacokinetics and half-life of the drug in patients. The figure below illustrates an example of protein glycosylation on asparagine residues within the ER (Enduplasmic Reticulum) of a human cell. The oligosaccharide, consisting of N-acetyl glucosamine, mannose and glucose, is transferred from dolichol to the asparagine residue of the protein. Then, three residues of glucose and one mannose residue are removed. 

lino Biotech´s Products - Various Applications

Nanoparticle Analysis